JAN BNK48, number 1 in popularity in the last BNK48 handshake event, have announced her graduation from BNK48 today. it’s sad to see JAN depart from BNK48 which is preparing for big moves such as the opening of the Theater in Febuary, as well as the first full concert in March. but it’s also a happy new path for JAN, as she is very much requested and set to do more works related to Japan such as the following.  and not only these projects only, more and more collaboration announcements with Japan is soon to come.  i hope that we can continue to support JAN as the former BNK48 takes on new challenges. – Appearing as guest model in FACO, one of the big fashion event in Japan. (March 25) – Continuous collaboration with Japanese fashion brand (titty&co) – Continuous collaboration with Hokkaido government and companies to follow up with collaboration started by THE JOURNEY & CHRISTMAS EVE MV – Continuous collaboration with Cosmetic e-commerce company from Japan (Detail to be announced in Febuary) – Continuous collaboration with internet chat service company from Japan (Detail to be announced in Febuary) ※photo taken in Tokyo in January before the interview session with japan model agency and fashion brand. #jan #2018nextsteps

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